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The church began through prayer in 1979 and we held our first Sunday worship service in January 1980. About 40 people gathered to worship that day. We met in the old Free Lance Star building located at 305 William Street in downtown Fredericksburg. The surroundings were simple (it had once been The Simple Path Coffee House) and the worship was enthusiastic.

The church grew and in 1981 we moved to a former theater on Caroline Street in the city. Outreach continued and In 1988 we were blessed to be able to purchase our present church facilities at 1500 Stafford Avenue, Fredericksburg, Virginia.

History is important but that is our past. It's a good thing to remember so we can give God thanks for a good foundation and appreciate those who labored with us. We give God the glory for every soul who was saved and touched in some way. We are very grateful!   We have learned from the hardships along the way and our focus is today and an ever increasing bright future.

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